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It has been my honour to serve as an educator in Elk Island Public Schools for over 40 years.  I have had the privilege of serving as a teacher, consultant, assistant principal and principal in Kindergarten to Grade 12 school settings.  I have worked on curriculum development, student assessment, instructional practice and the preparation of colleagues for leadership roles. I was a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory group, Facilities, Finance and Transportation committee, Human Resources committee and the High School Principals group. At the post-secondary level, I have supervised education practicum students in their first and second years of student teaching. 


My family has lived in Sherwood Park for 19 years and our daughter graduated from an EIPS high school.  I have seen first hand the positive impact that parent and community involvement has on student success. 


All  students deserve excellence in education.  It is more important than ever that students and educators have access to the supports and resources they need to ensure that all students achieve their greatest potential.


I strongly believe in public education and I care deeply that it is inclusive, resourced and collaborative.  I know how to build community and bring people together. Every voice is important. I would be honoured to serve and represent Sherwood Park on the Elk Island Public Schools Board of Trustees.

My Volunteer Experience: 

Strathcona Library Board member

Edmonton Food Bank

Edmonton Highland Dancing Association

ScotDance Canada

Stollery Childrens’ Hospital Foundation

Time for the Cure

Canadian Blood Services

St. Luke’s Anglican Church Board

  • All decisions are made in the best interest of students’ learning so that they can meet with success.

  • Every person in EIPS has a safe and welcoming working and learning environment.

  • Every person in EIPS is valued.

  • Resources must be allocated in an equitable and timely manner.

  • Relationship building is rooted in respect.

  • Collaboration between all stakeholders - students, staff, parents and community makes for the best learning environment for students.

  • We all have a responsibility for public education. There is immeasurable value in public education and its potential to affect societal change.


Every student in Elk Island Public Schools has the opportunity to complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to flourish in life and continue learning.


Students First

We must focus on student learning and support families, educators, classified staff and central leadership to ensure that students and staff have adequate resources and supports. Schools must be safe, inclusive and respect the diversity of all students and staff.


Build Relationships

It does take a village to raise a child. It is imperative that school staff, parents, community organizations and members listen and engage with each other to develop collaborative supports for students.


Advocate for Public Education

Public education is facing difficult times and the framework for funding has changed leaving school divisions with budget shortfalls. Difficult decisions are being made so that schools can continue to support students and this is becoming increasingly challenging. Funding for public education must be adequate, reliable and sustainable.


Draft Curriculum

There are many concerning issues related to the learning outcomes, content knowledge, age appropriateness of content in addition to the narrative through which the documents have been written. Students need us to advocate for revisions and re-writes to the draft curriculum.


Mental Health

Students and staff have experienced many challenges that have been magnified through the pandemic.  Additional resources in schools will allow us to support student learning and the work of staff. 

Capital Projects and Infrastructure

All schools must have the required maintenance to keep them in solid and safe operational order.  There are critical school sites that need a new school or modernizations.

Mission Statement & Priorities
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